Welcome to SEntertainer.com, the website for S. Frank Stringham

(everybody just calls him "S."), a multi-talented entertainer who will make

you laugh and make you feel good about yourself!!

S. has been an entertainer in almost every kind of venue that you can think of; from musical theatre to the silver screen; from small classrooms to major convention halls; from the comedy clubs of Los Angeles to the vaudeville clubs half way around the world.

His talents come from a position of love…he loves to perform, he loves to laugh, and he loves to see others laugh.  In fact, he has been accused of making people laugh who have never before laughed in their lives.  His mission statement includes the four “L’s”…”to bring Love, Life, Light, and Laughter into the lives of everyone I come in contact with…”

S. has over 30 years of professional experience in most fields of entertainment!!

Surf this site and you will see a video of S. when he was on America's Got Talent, a

video of one of S.'s characters, One-Eyed Jack (his eye is made out of balloons) singing

an original song. You will see some of the companies that have already had the pleasure

of experiencing S. Frank Stringham's talents, whether it is his stage show, some walk

around entertaining, motivational speaking on "How to Be More Witty," piano antics,

or being the musical director for a professional Improv Troupe!!

Not only that, you will get a chance to purchase some of S.'s unique gift ideas, from

a Christmas song about being fat, to books about love letters written to inanimate

objects, to a new balloon artist font that will "blow" you away! Plus, you could be

the owner of your very own POP-trait (a portrait of you [or a loved one] made

entirely out of balloons)!!

So check out the site then contact S. if you need any of his services!!

Love, Life, Light, and Laughter!!!


The Life and Times of Entertainer S. Frank Stringham

Singer | Pianist | Comic | Composer | Balloon Artiste | Speaker